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Check out the our latest favourite #WoodsExplorer videos from their journey across Canada on the Trans Canada Trail.
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Fun in Fundy National Park

Moncton is a great place to start any adventure in New Brunswick.
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45.5953° N, 64.9539° W

Quetico Canoe Trip

To bring a guide on a trip or not to bring a guide on a trip: that is the question.
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48.3964° N, 91.5353° W

Backcountry in our Backyard

We arrived in Ottawa to begin our Gatineau park adventure.
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45.5833° N, 76.0000° W

Atikokan, the Canoeing Captial of Canada

When we first arrived, we were told by a local the way to pronounce Atikokan is by answering the question, “what do you do with a shot of rum?” Answer: You Add-A-Coke-Can!
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48.7500° N, 91.6167° W